Leslie A Landau

Paintings / Drawings / Paintings on Constructed Paper 


I have always held an immense respect for my natural surroundings, which has led to my need to observe more intensely in order to see more clearly.  I am intrigued with the movement of a day’s light across natural surfaces and being able to capture a moment in time.  As powerful and alluring as I find landscape to be, I am captivated with the idea of taking my images into their own light, creating new spaces based upon what I’ve experienced and transforming my impressions of natural form into places never before seen.  Incorporating color not necessarily found in nature heightens the intensity of the original impression.  Colors fluctuate from vibrant and pulsating to those that are calm and subdued, with the intent being to evoke an emotional response. 
The transcendence of color from the expected to the unexpected has led to questioning of the surfaces on which I paint.  The flat, illusional compositions have evolved into constructed paper forms, where I tear into the surfaces and create actual spaces within and around my work.  These constructions  have opened possibilities concerning my use of space and allow for a freer interpretation of color and implications of highlights and shadows upon form.  Through my work, I am continually challenged to seek new ways of connecting color, with form and space.